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svmmer o nine

January 20, 2009


if you care at all, here’s a bundle of media from the top of my head that is not shitty (may not apply to all) that we will partake in the consuming of this year/spring/summer:

karl sanders (of nile) – saurian exorcisms (4/14/9)
cattle decapitation – the harvest floor (1/20/9)
underworld iv (1/23/9 is rhona mitra in black leather day)
rome – new material (“scheduled for late june”)
ea skate deuce – (1/21/9 i think)
irepress – sol i sea i (2/17/9)
mastodon – crack the skye (spring o nine)
terminator: salvation (5/22/9 fuckin A)
fast and furious (4/3/9—yea, so what? we’re still gonna see it)
scale the summit – carving desert canyons (2/12/9)
spiritual front – rotten roma casino (this summer we hope)
the watchmen (3/6/9 dr. manhattan would whip superman)
raekwon – only built for cuban linx 2 (“comin real soon”—hmm, sure)

there’s definitely mo, but my head is now skimmed.