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January 9, 2009

mood: sloth

listening to: calexico discography on shuffle

today i’m sitting around. i’m supposed to be building a six million square foot deck over on non pariel, but the asphalt guys are laying the driveway, and i can’t very well pull the generator out of the garage into hot-wet asphalt. i already knew i wouldn’t be able to work over there, but i drove there anyway and turned around when i saw forty-nine trucks parked out front. so now, i’m probably supposed to be heading down to the office to work on a new banner for the mailout, but i aint. i don’t feel like drawing today. i feel like driving. need to get a bike sometime this century—would be ill. i went and sat on the new 09ZX10R. GREEN. i need.
gay angle, but it's suprisingly impossible to find a decent pic of this bike
sometime over a year ago, i took this driving trip on a whim. i’m thinking about doing it again this year soon as the passes open. was in the bmw last time, this time, the golf. not as fun, so i don’t know. i went way up through these towns to where we always go four-wheeling and just kept driving over the pass till i hit the desert on the border of nevada. it didn’t really take that long. i went through this marine training camp comin down the back side of the pass. dudes everywhere in camo. i got lost on 395. went north instead of south and had to stop at this shitty gas-station for a map, water and bolo-ties. i remember my car was dusty as hell, the way i like it. people drive about ninety miles an hour out there, on 395. i kinda got into it with this black monte carlo. anyway, i ended up just turning around and comin back the way i went. next time i’m gonna make the loop. on my way back over the pass though, near the top, i stopped at this pullout and climbed a pile of huge boulders that were on the edge of a cliff overlooking everything. of course i had to take a piss off of it. the wind was insane. i had to keep low so i wouldn’t plunge to my death. i made a rock totem up there in this spot where it wouldn’t blow over. i just remembered i have some fritos in the cabinet.