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skate ii imo

February 1, 2009

mike carrol is WAY too good at s.k.a.t.e. in skate two. he's one of my favorite skaters, but i pretty much want to murder his videogame character.

skate 2. hmm. well, it’s pretty ok. i’m kinda already bored with it. hippie jumps are fun, but hard to time. also, this game is really skippy, as in choppy. especially when you are in a small area and a lot of shit is happening. it can get so choppy that i can’t even control my guy, who by the way looks nothing like me because you still can’t adjust the height of your guy (when will they put that into games? i don’t care how “hard it would be”) and the default character has an extremely fat face, which can be toned down, but not enough, really. so, my guy kinda looks like a ufc fighter or a powerlifter, not a skater. also, why do the pro characters get to wear cool jeans and all of the jeans i have to pick from are bell-bottoms or something? and speaking of clothing, the beanies look like total shit. i mean, maybe if your guy had dreads, which aren’t available btw, the beanie would look alright. oh well, it is still better than skate one in a lot of ways. i probably won’t go into said ways, because i’d rather complain, but it is. here’s another thing that is kinda lame about it: i don’t really feel like i’m cruising around in a real city anymore. now i feel like i’m just cruising around in a gigantic skate park made to resemble a city. sort of (please forgive this) tony hawk-ish. a little too flashy, if you ask me. also, one of the main things i was hoping for was to be able to skate at night, like in real life, but no.