February 7, 2009

who said zombies were dangerous?
let’s all pay monthly to sit in chairs and stare at this gay looking cartoon shit for HOURS so we can gain a LeVeL. let’s not even question it. let’s just do it every fuckin day for like six hours and FIVE fucking years. i’m serious. let’s not even think about what retarded fucking tools we are and just RAID CAVES over and over. it’s fun if we start a gUiLd cause then we can speak in WoW language and be huge dorks all at once. when i get home from work i’m just gonna start playing it without even thinking. i swear, life sucks, friends suck, doing things sucks but this game fucking pwns. i love how the battles look so fuckin gay, and so fucking fake. my emo haired nightelf’s name is rood-dood-no-homo. no fucking way, your level seventy gnome has a pink sword and is called thornhammer6660427800167? well, that is just cool my friend. you are creative as FUCK. now, let’s order a pizza so we only have to walk to the front fuckin door. god forbid we leave the house cause i don’t wanna take my eyes off of this bullshit for more than a couple seconds.


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